What does a
Certified Nurse
Assistant (CNA) do?

Nursing assistants work closely with patients and provide assistance with daily living tasks, such as:

  • Bathing, grooming, and dressing, according to patients’ needs, ranging from minimal assistance to totally dependent
  • Measure and record vital signs
  • Help patients and their families understand instructions given by medically trained staff
  • Measure and record food and liquid intake, and output
  • Assist patients with prescribed physical therapy
  • Aware of safety measures by keeping an eye on wanderers and watching for potentially dangerous situations
  • Provide daily documentation on the care provided to each patient

Employers Hiring our Graduates:

  • Valencia Palms Nursing Center
  • Monterey Palms Healthcare Center
  • Indio Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Manor Care

Graduates of this program find work as certified nursing assistants and patient care technicians. They may work in hospitals, both public and private, in nursing and convalescent homes, in medical clinics and for health service agencies, government agencies such as the Peace Corps, and in the military. Some are self-employed working through nursing agencies for private duty service.

The program includes the following subjects:

  • Vital Signs
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Patient Care Skills Training
  • CPR
  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Infection Control
  • Fundamentals of Patient Care

Course Content:

The CNEI Certified Nurse Assistant Program prepares students to perform the rewarding work of caring for patients in skilled nursing facilities.  Since aides have extensive daily contact with each patient, they are key to providing vital information on the patients’ conditions to the nurse.

Course LevelCourse TitleClock Hours
Level I• Roles & Responsibilities
• Patient Rights
• Interpersonal Skills
• Prevention & Management Occurrences
• Nutrition
• Emergency Procedures
• Death & Dying
Level II• Body Mechanics
• Medical & Surgical Asepsis
• Weights & Measures, Patient Care Procedures
• Vital Signs
Level III• Long Term Patient
• Rehabilitation Nursing
• Observation & Charting
• Abuse
• Dementia
Level IVClinical100