Placement Services

Placement Rate Explained

CNEI provides lifetime job placement assistance to our students and graduates. From resume assistance, mock interviews, professional development and working with professionals in the healthcare industry to fill vacant positions directly from CNEI’s externship and clinical rotation training. We make every effort to assist students in finding careers in their chosen fields of study!

Federal regulations require that the college make a good-faith effort to explain the placement rate calculations reported to the Accreditation and Bureau.

The Accreditation placement report does not include graduates waiting to take, or taking but not passing the state license, on to the placement rate calculations. In addition graduates that indicate that they are unavailable for employment are also similarly excluded. Placement rate calculations cover all students who have graduated in a given year of July 1 through June 30, who are employed in a related field by the date the report is submitted. Placement reports are submitted early December.

The Bureau placement report covers students that complete and graduate at 100% of their original graduation date. If a student takes longer to graduate than originally anticipated, they are not included at all. In addition, students that die, become incarcerated, or join active duty military are similarly excluded. Further information about the Bureau’s method of placement calculations can be found on the School Performance Fact Sheet filed with the Bureau.