Work Environments and Pro-ACT?

Program Objective

As a student at CNEI we are authorized to train and you can earn a Pro-Act certification under personal development section. Upon completion of the course, students will: Demonstrate an understanding of the theories and applications of crisis intervention in regards to intervening with individuals who face emotional crisis, physical assault, or self-harm.

Program Description                                                  96 Hours/Certificate

Description: Level IV is designed to explore the history and potential violence of domestic violence instruction in the mental health field. Pro-ACT certification is required by many county and state agencies to ensure the physical well-being of the technician and their clients. Pro-ACT techniques fulfill the 15 principles of the U.S. Department of Education for safety of staff and students. The technicians will learn how to identify triggers, prepare for interventions, understand the cycles of assaults, and crisis communication. Prior to beginning an externship or a career in the mental health field, technicians will be given the tools necessary to confidently intervene with emotionally unbalanced clientele and bring peace to ensure the success of both the technician and client. Crisis planning and practical applications will be covered by utilizing role playing, physical stretching, and crisis management.

Course WeekTopic
Week I:Purpose Professionalism
Week II:Preparation Stress and the Assault Cycle
Week III:Triggers and Alternatives Emergency Response Framework
Week IV:Debriefing Evaluation
Week V:Crisis Communication Documentation
Week VI:Evasion Workshop Facilitation

Quizzes and examinations are taken on campus and under supervision