What does a Domestic Violence Program do?

Program Objective

Upon completion of the course, students will: Demonstrate an understanding of the theories and applications of leading domestic violence classes for individuals or groups. Technician will have a working knowledge of the historical perspective of domestic violence and the current laws and cultural responses regarding domestic violence issues and how to address them.

Program Description                                                  96 Hours/Certificate

Description: Level IV is designed to explore the history and potential violence of domestic violence instruction in the mental health field. Unlike any other certification program within the mental health field, domestic violence has the greatest risk of harm to the client or technician. The program will cover the historical attitudes of society as well as current attitudes and interventions toward DV clients. Although the dangers are great, the rewards for intervention and breakthrough are greater. The course will cover the full scope of domestic violence for children, youth, adults, and elderly. Technicians will learn classroom management, self-protection, and misdirection techniques to ensure safety. This level will include practical applications by utilizing role-play and classroom management.

Course WeekTopic
Week I:Anger, Domestic Violence, and the Brain
Week II:Anger, Threat, Feeling Unsafe, and Domestic Violence
Week III:Assessment for Anger and Aggression
Week IV:Core Information and Assessment
Week V:Treatment
Week VI:Group Treatment for Domestic Violence Offenders

Quizzes and examinations are taken on campus and under supervision