What does a Career Counseling Program do?

Program Objective

Upon completion of the course, students will: Demonstrate an understanding of the theories and applications of career counseling in regards to leading individuals to develop a career pathway including educational and experiential needs.

Program Description                                                  96 Hours/Certificate

Description: Level III is designed to explore the importance of career counseling in the mental health field. The technician will learn to guide the client in discovery of a career field through utilize resources, modify attitudes, and instill purpose with a plan. The technician will learn how to explore career options with their clients and the development of a career plan including education, traits, and legal and ethical issues in employment. The history of career counseling and the current need for career guidance will be explored. Technicians will learn assessment tools and their application, current career trends, and careers and the economy. This level will include practical applications by utilizing role play and classroom management.

Course WeekTopic
Week I:Developmental, Learning, and Cognitive Theories
Week II:

Moving Beyond Traditional Career Practices

Week III:Using Information and Technology
Week IV:Supervision, Coaching, and Consultation
Week V:

Convergence of Career and Mental Health Approaches

Week VI:Gender Issues in Career Counseling

Quizzes and examinations are taken on campus and under supervision