The Breakthrough Parenting Certificate program is based on proven research by educators with Ph.D. backgrounds. This program teaches you how to become an instructor to parents and relay parental skills that are effective tools for everyday living as a parent. The research has been formulated into a program that details effective parenting skills; family relationships and dynamics. Furthermore, it includes continuous feedback from over 30 years of parenting classes and coaching to diverse populations.

This program is very different from just giving parents hundreds or thousands of tips to memorize. The “numerous tips” are usually forgotten when they are most needed, or the parent remembers a tip but is unable to connect it with their specific situation). In this Skills-based training model students perform in a class setting the actual procedures they will need to be able to perform at home. Everything concept taught the parents are clearly shown exactly why something works or doesn’t work. That is key for retention and builds muscle-memory and trust very quickly.

In Breakthrough Parenting, no manipulative methods are used. Manipulative methods worked well in the 1970s, but today’s children become “street smart” at a younger age from seeing so much manipulation on TV and in movies. The program shows you how to teach parents effective methods that make the children want to take responsibility for what they do, from an early age, and with an appreciation for their parents’ guidance.

Teenagers sometimes feel lost and disconnected when they are not getting any guidance from their parents. Providing children with guidance instead of the usual “Do this! Do that!” takes knowledge (“how to do it”) and skill (“having done it”). The Breakthrough Parenting Program has methodology and system for providing both to parents at any educational level from 8th grade on up.

From a practical standpoint, this comprehensive parenting program is designed in a wheel format. Meaning enrollment can take place at any level’s start date. This means that you can have students start anytime. You start with Lesson 1, and if a new student is enrolled the following week, they can start from Lesson 2 and continue through Lesson 10 and then Lesson 1 after. This program is also designed to let you customize the program in different ways and for specific populations if needed.

Most employers of Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructors work with court-referred parents, and you will receive credentials that can be accepted by any court in the U.S. or Canada (or in many other countries as well, even working remotely from the U.S.).

All parent materials are available in either English or a high-quality Spanish translation that has been very well tested with Spanish-speaking parents from across the U.S. and Latin America.

Hospitals and health centers employ Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructors (CBPIs) for neonatal programs, and non-profit social agencies employ CBPIs for teaching parents as part of long term grant programs.

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Program Objective

Upon completion of the course, students will: Demonstrate an understanding of the theories and applications of Breakthrough parenting in regards to leading individual or group parenting classes.

Program Description                                                  96 Hours/Certificate

Description: Level II is designed to instruct the student in the fundamentals of the empowerment of teaching children the responsibility of choices. The technician helps the client apply proper parenting techniques and utilize resources, modify attitudes, and instill values. The student will learn how to explore problems with their clients and the ramifications thereof, as well as using proper parenting technique to explore healthy alternative solutions. Theories parenting modalities will be covered, and the techniques for motivating client and child involvement. Course will cover discipline versus punishment, teaching responsibility, three types of parenting, and how to raise adults; not children. This level will include practical applications by utilizing role play and classroom management.

Course WeekCourse Title
Week I:Three Approaches to Raising Children

Making the Shift

Understanding the Source of Behavior

Teaching Responsibility

Week II:Helping Children Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Communicating Effectively

Influencing Your Children Positively

Week III:Problems with Punishment

Discipline with Love

Week IV:How Children Think

Learning to Love

Week V:Reducing Stress in Your Family

Resolving Family Conflict

Week VI:Talking with Children about Sensitive Subjects

Living a Self-Actualized Life


Quizzes and examinations are taken on campus and under supervision