Court systems are overwhelmed with individuals, that are ordered to enroll in court-mandated Anger Management Programs. In some areas, there is a wait up to 2-months to even get into an Anger Management Program, and the cost can be as high as $250.00 a session. The Anger Management field is in heavy demand for new counselors, and CNEI can help you obtain your certification.

What is Anger Management? According to the Mayo Clinic, Anger Management is the process of learning to recognize signs that you’re becoming angry and taking the proper action to calm down and diffuse the situation productively.

Here are some thoughts to think about when dealing with anger and your clients. The one question that clients ask is; “How do I know if anger affects me?” The answer to that question is when it starts to interfere with your life and the lives of those around you.

Feeling angry is a normal emotion, and people handle the emotion in different ways.

This Anger Management course will show you how to instruct your clients in  how to self-recognize what triggers their anger and ways to control their anger. For those with clients that are not accepting that they do in fact have anger issues, you will be taught techniques confirming how anger affects their lives and the lives of those around them.

Anger management classes or counseling for anger management can be done in a group or one-on-one. The setting, length and the number of sessions vary, depending on the program or counselor and your needs. Anger management courses or counseling can be brief or last for weeks or months at a time.

Program Objective

Upon completion of the course, students will: Demonstrate an understanding of anger, differentiate anger as a secondary emotion, expressions of anger throughout history and how historical cultural attitudes affected physical confrontations instead of emotional restraint. The historical reasons for the control, education and the legislation of proper expressions of anger.

Program Description                                                  96 Hours/Certificate

Description: Level I is designed to provide the student with an introduction to anger management issues and how to lead individuals and groups through anger management classes. Cultural and historical perspectives will be explored as well as the human desire act and react out of anger instead of understanding. Anger as an emotion; not a truth. The cause for emotional outbursts and how to manage actions. Theories of personalities will be covered, emotional states in regards to dependency, resentment, motivation and denial. Family dynamics, communication in how the family interacts with the client. Treatment and recovery approaches, psychiatric, psychosocial, aversion therapy, medical modalities, social models and other programs. Program planning and client education techniques will be covered.

Course WeekCourse Title
Week I:Understanding Anger


Week II:My Anger Patterns, Thoughts, and Triggers
Week III:Working Through My Anger
Week IV:Communication and Listening Skills Emotional Intelligence
Week V:Relationships and Co-Dependency Stress Management
Week VI:Use of Cognitive Behavioral Tools Getting to the Core

Quizzes and examinations are taken on campus and under supervision