Program Objective

Upon completion of the course, students will: Be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills to grow as a CMHT professional.

Program Description                                                  96 Hours/Certificate

Level VI will cover techniques available to the counselor for growth in their profession and to prevent burnout. The course will teach the counselor to recognize personal strengths, and limitations. They will learn how to utilize stress management techniques to prevent burnout. If they are also in recovery, they will learn how to work within the limitations and liabilities that affect their practice as a recovering counselor and their limits and liability. Students will learn certification requirements for their field as they pertain to the CMHT field. They will learn how to network and gather professional contacts. Students will receive CPR and Frist Aid Instruction and certification.

Program Content

Course Week Topic
Week I: Ethics
Personal Strengths
Week II: Change and Resistance to Change
Look to Your Resources
Week III: Certified Case Manager, Credentialing
Week IV: Public Sector
CPR, First Aid

Quizzes and examinations are taken on campus and under supervision