Frequently Asked Questions


A. All programs require a high school diploma or GED. An entrance test is also required for admission into the LVN Program.

In addition, the school and most employers require a background check. If you have been convicted of a crime, please bring it to the attention of the admissions office so we can help you to resolve it.

A. Tuition and Fees vary greatly due to the differences in the length of each program from $700 for the Certified Home Health Aide program to $29,950  for the LVN program. Individual program fees can be found on the program page. Please call for more info (760) 416-5955.

A. We are approved to offer Title IV Financial Aid, if qualified. You may be eligible for Pell Grants, and Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans. Pell Grants are Free. The loans are guaranteed by the Federal Government and offer the ability to begin repayment 6 months after graduation.

We are also approved for VA benefits, Rehab benefits, WIA benefits, and MyCAA.

In addition, students can also decide to make monthly or quarterly payments. We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.

A. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is the easiest place to start. The Admissions Department can also provide you a list of documents that will be required by the school in order for us to certify your enrollment.

A. Please call admissions for more information (760) 416-5955

  • Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) program is 60 Weeks.
  • Clinical Healthcare Technician (CHT) program is 32 or 47 weeks.
  • The Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) program is 8 or 13 weeks.
  • The Home Health Aide (HHA) program is 1 week.
  • Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program is 32 weeks.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling (ADAC) program is 38 weeks.

For more information go to the page for the individual program.

A. Yes, if you decide to pay out-of-pocket for the program, CNEI will set up a payment plan that suits you.

A. On a case-by-case basis, CNEI may accept prior course credit from other accredited colleges. Students with a CNA, HHA, and/or CPT-1 certifications may receive credit for those classes when enrolled in the Clinical Healthcare Technician program. Please discuss any prior education you would like to have evaluated for transfer credit with our admissions staff.

A. Good attendance is required for all programs, and employers will also require it when you enter the job market. Current students should review the school catalog which has our official attendance policy. The Student Services tab under the Resources section will give you general information on the school’s attendance and grading policies. The LVN and Psychiatric Technician programs require you to make up any absences.

A. The school will allow you to take one Leave of Absence for a period of up to 180 days. Please refer to the catalog for our official LOA policy.

A. Please call the school to setup an appointment with our friendly admissions staff at (760) 416-5955.

A. After you finish the LVN program the school offers an NCLEX preparation course led by one of our highly qualified instructors. There is no additional cost for this course. It is included in the LVN program.

A. Yes, the State of California, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education requires all students to have a high school diploma or GED prior to enrollment. If your high school or college is from a foreign country, you may need to have it translated and/or evaluated.

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